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Coathanger questions
I received an e-mail of little known facts, one of which stated that a coathanger is 44 inches long when stretched end-to-end. While searching "coathanger" on the internet, I was led to your web page. 
Upon noticing that you are a coathanger enthusiast, I felt certain that you must be an expert in the coathanger field and would be able to send me facts concerning the length of coathanger wires before they are formed into actual hangers.
Sincerely, Sandy Ward 
Maybe you can provide some information which seems to elude my search.  I recently toured a "stately home" in North Carolina, the Biltmore Estate, which was built at the end of the 19th century. An interesting feature was the absence of rods in the closets. Why? Because the coat hanger had not been invented.
So the question is: when was it invented?
Thanks, Scott Gale 
I have a slightly different interest in coathangers.  I am a tour guide at a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home in Springfield Illinois and have been wondering about the double-sided coathooks in the cloak room.  It is obvious that coat hangers could not be used because of the alignment of the hooks and the depth of the space.  The house was finished in 1904.
Do you have any information on when coathangers were invented or became widely used?
I would appreciate your thoughts on this, Miles Byers 

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